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Kat Von Whooping Cough supporters not welcome. Get your vaccines AND get your boosters people.

26 day ago

Blocked this person so they would be unable to delete their comments. Hm what a nice person. Let this live on the internet forever so people can see what kind of person you are. :) Didn’t bother me a bit, this speaks to what kind of person you are not me.  @wednesday_fattams  @wednesdayfattams_closet

3 month ago

6 month ago

SWIPE This is a comparison between the  @natashadenona Sunset palette and the mini sunset. As you can see the mini really doesn’t compare. Not even to the least shimmer shade imo. This is more like a normal shadow palette not a Natasha palette. So personally not excited for the new mini.  #sunsetpalette  #minisunsetpalette  #natashadenona  #natashadenonaminisunsetpalette  #natashadenonasunsetpalette

6 month ago

Got my  @suvabeauty  #hydraliner today. Can’t wait to try them.

6 month ago

 #viseartadventure Amethyst is literally the most perfect little travel palette  @viseart  @anastasiaviseart  #viseart

6 month ago

Organized my main panning drawer. Focus is minis! I can’t believe how many minis I own, it’s time to use these up. The highlights here may be decluttered, and the SSS are in here since they can dry out.  #projectpan  #panning  #projectuseitup

7 month ago

Who remembers old school  @makeupgeekcosmetics ? Pulled this baby out and remembered how amazing my makeupgeek shadows are.  @marlenastell

8 month ago

@viseart  #bijouxroyal and  #boheme ! I’ve wanted these forever because they are unique and they’re not going to be around anymore. Back to my no buy now.

8 month ago

I’m so excited to try these items from  @drunkelephant ! Perfect little set. I couldn’t justify the little baby sample set but these are 2 half sizes, a deluxe, and a little sample. So in love with what they stand behind with no essential oils or added fragrance an what not.  #skincare  #drunkelephant  #drunkelephantskincare  #skinthusiast  #drunkelephantacidtrip  #acidtrip

10 month ago

Been having some terrible lid dryness so zero makeup. But at least my body is moisturized.  @loccitane  @loccitaneusa Have fallen in love with these two product. Please add a duo on the site!

11 month ago

Okay I’ll take back what I said about the  @natashadenona #9 palette being underwhelming. It’s beautiful ugh. Post swatch fingers in the second picture!  #beautylishluckybag2018  #beautylishluckybag  #luckybag  #luckybag2018  #natashadenona  #natashadenonagreenbrown

11 month ago

***Venting, no hate towards Beautylish and I will be buying lucky bags in the future*** Got my  @beautylish  #luckybag Honestly I’m pretty disappointed. I don’t want z palettes after their disgusting treatment of their customers. I don’t want skincare products with irritating essential oils and pore clogging coconut oil. (Wanted their toner so I will be purchasing that eventually) I don’t like liquid lipstick, though this is a nice lipstick so I won’t complain too much. (Normal would have been nice, kinda over Liquid). The stila is not in a color i find exciting but I will try this after I try my stila sample to make sure I like the formula. I already own three full sets of eye brushes from WG, but it is a nice brush so I think I’ll keep this. Editing my Natasha Denona palette comment because it is GORGEOUS. See new post. My bag value is $181 and honestly, that’s the lowest I’ve seen. I’m sure Beautylish doesn’t care too much about this post since they completely wrote my off after changing the XL release time causing me to miss it, but yeah. I’ll buy the bag again but Beautylish really needs to distribute products better imo. Some people got literally 3 palettes in one bag. Anyway I’m done whining about it, just wanted to post this up.  #beautylishluckybag2018  #luckybag2018  #luckybag