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The positive girl with the passion to plan! “When you think about quitting, remember why you started”

19 hour ago

One of my goals for 2019! I’ve never been the most confident swimmer but it’s about getting out of your comfort zone and smashing your dreams! This girl can 💪🏻  #triathlon  #goals  #motivation  #daretodream  #keeppushing  #strength  #power  #motivation

4 day ago

In my eyes Tony is one of the most inspiring motivational speakers in the world! I’ve had the delight of attending a weekend of “Unleashing the Power Within” a few years ago when he came to the UK! On my goal list to do again for sure!!!! Who gets you juiced??!!  #tonyrobbinsquotes  #motivation  #inspiring  #juiced  #personaldevelopment  #unleashthepower  #goalsaretheretobereached

6 day ago

BE BOLD! BE BRAVE and NEVER compromise yourself to suit someone else! The 2018 (and beyond) version of me would never have had the courage to be this bold but with a reset of my mindset and the belief that is growing in me, my desk at work now reminds me to use the  #5secondrule  #melrobbins  #daretodream  #lovewhoyouare  #findyourinnerstrength  #focus  #action  #showup  #mindsetreset

7 day ago

Here is a throwback to my friend’s wedding from 9 years ago. It was an incredibly special day that I was not only privileged to attend but had the pleasure of planning. It is such an honour to envision someone’s dream day and help guide and advise it into an unforgettable occasion that is not only deeply special and meaningful for the couple but for all those who are part of it. I am so excited to be able to help create many more special days with wonderful couples in the future. If you are wanting someone to help take your vision of your dream wedding day and make it a reality, then please get in touch. It will be YOUR wedding, YOUR way, with a little magic expert touch from me x  #wedding  #goals  #vision  #dreams  #magic  #friendship  #passion

10 day ago

What makes you excited? Is this your reason why you reach for your dreams, your goals? Keep this reason why in full view, take action and keep going! No one ever reached the top of the mountain by giving up 💪🏻  #dreambig  #keepfocused  #climbthemountainoflife  #yourreasonwhy  #focus  #happy

12 day ago

Morning time is the perfect time of day to begin your positive mental attitude and take action! Even before I leave my bed, this planner is my motivation and gets me pumped for the rest of the day! Have a totally awesome Saturday ⭐️  #highperformanceliving  #takecontrol  #liveyourdreams  #dontbeafraidtobeyou  #positiveattitude  #morningmotivation

13 day ago

Welcome new friends and followers! Thank you for following my new page where I am grateful to share with you all the things that keep me positive and focused spiced up with my new exciting adventure! Keep your eye out for what’s coming soon! Have an awesome day 😊  #dreambig  #positivemindset  #weddingplanning  #eventplanning  #passion  #focus  #starteverydayright