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 #Repost  @mimikennedyla with  @get_repost ・・・ IN 2002 & 2003 I STUDIED WITH REV. JAMES LAWSON. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. CALLED HIM “THE TEACHER” BECAUSE, AS A METHODIST MISSIONARY STUDENT IN INDIA, WHERE GANDHI WAS ACTIVE AT THE TIME, LAWSON HAD LEARNED ABOUT NONVIOLENCE. HARVEY COX INTRODUCED THE TWO MEN, AND DR. KING ASKED REV. LAWSON TO COME TO THE SOUTH – “WE NEED TO LEARN WHAT YOU KNOW.” REV. LAWSON TAUGHT THE STUDENTS OF FISK COLLEGE HOW TO DO NONVIOLENT CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE FOR THE FIRST SIT-INS AT NASHVILLE LUNCH COUNTERS. ******************************** The Nonviolence Workshop with Rev. James Lawson is held every fourth Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., at Holman United Methodist Church, 3320 W. Adams Blvd., in Los Angeles. For information, call (323) 703-5868 ☎️ ********************************  #mlkjrday  #martinlutherkingjr  #mlkday  #martinlutherkingjrday  #nonviolence  #jameslawson

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 #Repost  @amysedaris with  @get_repost ・・・ RP  @mableslove ・・・ The human ego is a destructive force like no other on this planet. The cognitive dissonance of these young "Catholic" boys in their maga hats, trying to demean indigenous elders and this community, is gut wrenching to see. The delusion of hierarchy of any kind is the ego's trick. WE SHOULD BE BEGGING Indigenous people's to teach us how to live within Life's rules before it's too late. I pray there's a tipping point to all of this, in the direction of unity and justice. Prayers are not enough though. Faith without good works is dead.  #undoingracism  #liferules  #elenlaconte  #Repost  @ka_ya11 • • • • •  #ipmdc  #ipmdc19  #indigenousunited  #indigenouspeoplesmarch  #indigenouspeoplesmarch2019

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Lady and the Tramp. #fbf (📸: Alice S Hall)

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Once more with sound🥴 watch us tonight at 9pm!  @mom_cbs  @annafaris  @mimikennedyla  @jaimepressly  @realbethhall

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Reunited! So thrilled to have this guy on  @mom_cbs TONIGHT! 😍  #BradleyWhitford

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#Bts with  #SamRockwell (📷:  @gregwilliamsphotography ) #tbt

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Glam squad does it again! Thanks as always goes to  @jillcrosbyhair  @taraswennen  @collierstrong  @lordgmv  @sohotrightnail for all the amazing work they do. Love you guys!  #criticschoiceawards

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Watch mom tonight! CBS 9pm❤️🙌🏼👍

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Never stop showing me up Tommy!!😂🙌🏼❤️.  #Repost  @tommylenk with  @get_repost ・・・ Sorry this is my FAVORITE CAN I QUIT NOW?!!!! Get that KWEEEEEN  @allisonbjanney  @csiriano  @taraswennen (HI TARA!!!)  @goldenglobes  #LenkLewkForLess with a plastic table cloth, scrap of chifon,  @lg_homeappliances TV & remote, pipe cleaners,  #BeaArthur  @sculpey_polyform clay Xmas Tree ornament I made a few years ago & my brothers bass guitar that he loaned me and I never gave back: $FREE from my HAUS. I JUST WANT TO DRINK WINE AND BE FRIENDS WITH HER WHO'S WITH ME?!😭😭😭

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My Ultimate Icon.  #legend  #CarolBurnett

14 day ago

How fabulous does  @octaviaspencer look! Love you and 😍 our  @csiriano dresses!  #goldenglobes